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Saving thousands of dollars by maintaining asphalt across Victoria

Even the best laid asphalt eventually succumbs to wear and tear, or the elements – or both.

With a proactive campaign of asphalt maintenance however, most damage can be prevented before it gets too bad. To local councils, construction companies, and corporate organisations, early asphalt repairs save thousands of dollars every year.

At Roadsafe, we are experts in road rejuvenation, asphalt resheeting and reinstatement, and work hard to maintain roads, paths, platforms and driveways for some of Victoria’s biggest organisations.

What We Do

Road Rejuvenation

  • Full excavation of asphalt
  • Road profiling
  • Edge planning with asphalt resheeting
  • Asphalt patching

Contract Asphalt Maintenance services

  • Ongoing asphalt maintenance
  • Response work
  • Programming of work schedules
  • Assessing job priorities

Asphalt Reinstatement Work

  • VicRoads trenches (with steps and resheets)
  • Footpath paving crossovers

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Recent Clients For Asphalting Contracts

3 year asphalt maintenance contract

servicing for the NBN project

large asphalt reinstatement work