Address: 47 Yale Drive, Epping, Victoria 3076           Phone: (03) 9408 4401

Melbourne’s leading asphalt maintenance company


Roadsafe Asphalt Pty Ltd was established in Melbourne, Victoria, in 2007.

In the beginning, we set up the company because there weren’t many road repair companies in Melbourne providing small-to-medium sized businesses with high quality road repair response work.

Asphalt maintenance companies in Melbourne seemed either to be servicing the home driveway market, or large corporations – but nobody in between. That was a gap in the market we knew we could fill.

A simple, honest approach to road repair


Our reputation has since grown substantially, largely by word of mouth. Despite not actively marketing our business, we are frequently sought out by engineering companies, telcos and local councils in the state of Victoria – and elsewhere.

Following the devastation of the floods in Queensland in early 2011, we have been involved in helping to rebuild the state’s infrastructure.

Our clients seem to appreciate our simple, honest approach and our commitment to using the right staff and the right equipment on each and every job.

We’re always looking to expand, but unlike some asphalt maintenance companies in Melbourne, we’re after long, established relationships with our clients – not quick wins.

Road maintenance is a team effort

Our company is run by Elias Mantinaos, Operations Manager (left), and John Loncaric, Field Manager, with Queensland operations led by Matthew Elliot. However, we operate a flat structure and work hard to ensure that everybody at Roadsafe is treated as an equal.

Many of our staff have been trained by us from the ground up, which means we can instill the same values in everyone – and ensure the same high standards are maintained across the board.