Address: 47 Yale Drive, Epping, Victoria 3076           Phone: (03) 9408 4401

Road paver for hire in Victoria

Whether you’re looking to bolster your own road paver crew or want to outsource your entire asphalting job, we have a professional road paver crew and state of the art road paver for hire – ready at a moment’s notice.

Our road paver is brand new, with heated back plates that give a beautiful finish to laid matt asphalt. It can pave as small as one meter with cut-off shoes and up to 4.2 metres with extension boxes.


Paver and crew together

At Roadsafe, when you hire our road paver, we also offer our experienced road paver crew. The package includes:

  • 7 highly skilled asphalt personnel
  • 1 bobcat with 2.7 tonne roller
  • 1 2.5 tonne multi roller
  • 1 flocon emulsion spraying unit

Clients Who Hired Our Paver Crew

heavy engineering company

building and construction

materials supplier